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The #SiblingsToo Podcast

The voice of sibling sexual abuse survivors and their families.

Reducing stigma with heartfelt stories and real science.


Building Self-Awareness

A Workbook for Moving Forward From Sibling Sexual Abuse

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Does SSA Really Happen?

Evidence shows SSA may affect as many as 1 in 5 families. It is thought to be at least 3 times more prevalent than father-child abuse. SSA happens often, yet taboos around this specific type of abuse have meant there is less research and data.

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The Hidden Taboo

Sibling sexual abuse (SSA) has long been the "hidden taboo" - hidden in families and hidden in society.  Unfortunately, the child harmed, the child causing the harm, and the rest of the family are often ill-equipped to deal with the situation.

Anonymously Share Your Story

Do you have a sibling sexual assault experience you'd like to share?

You can share it securely and anonymously now. Your story may be used for research and to raise awareness about SSA. You can read our privacy policy for more details on how we keep your story anonymous and your data protected. Please do not submit your story via email or though the contact form on this page.


We aim to break the silence and stigma of sibling sexual abuse with real science and heartfelt stories so that society is empowered (and even compelled) to do something about it.

We will achieve this using the #SiblingsToo podcast series as well as the story-gathering tool used on this site.  By anonymously sharing your story of SSA, whether as the child harmed, the one causing harm, or any member of the family, you will be speaking volumes to the rest of society while also helping researchers and experts understand more about the prevalence and impacts of SSA. 

Support Us

We spend at least $400 Canadian a month to bring you the #SiblingsToo podcast, this website and various resources. While we will continue to do so, any donation you can provide from as little as $3 is helpful. The website "Buy Me A Coffee" (or in my case "tea") is a safe and secure way of donating whatever you can.

Thank you!

Please Share This Website

The more people who know about this project, the more stories we will be able to gather. Statistically, there will be several people in your 'six degrees of separation' who know about SSA. Please take a moment to share the URL in any of your social media posts or just mention it to your friends, colleagues or family, even if SSA is not something you know about. By doing so, you are not implying or admitting anything. You are simply making it more likely that the people who need to find this site will.

Thank you!

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