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Privacy Policy

Our survey and story collection tool is the secure online site of All data is maintained on the website for the purposes of collection and analysis.


Once downloaded from, your data is protected in the following ways:


1. Your raw data is stored securely offline but is not printed.

2. Any contact information you choose to provide is stored securely offline but is not printed.

3. All reasonable measures are taken to protect the storage of any data, both offline and online.

4. By contributing to the survey, you agree to allow the sharing of your story with other vetted academic and other researchers for the purpose of research. These researchers must complete a confidentiality agreement and research proposal outline in order to gain access to any data. They are also required to provide written information on how they will maintain confidentiality and security of all data. Researchers must also destroy all offline and online information received once their research has been completed, and provide written confirmation of data destruction.

5. By contributing to the survey, you agree to the sharing of your story in whole or in part (excluding identifiable information such as names, dates, locations) on the SiblingsToo website, social media, in written and/or audio book format, or other forums to assist in encouraging others to participate in the ongoing survey and other research.

6. You are able to withdraw any and all information at any time by emailing You will be provided with written confirmation that your online or offline data has been removed from research and destroyed.

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