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2nd Annual International



A Global Learning Event

 was 15 April 2024

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What Society Needs To Know (And Do) About Sibling Sexual Abuse

The Second Annual International #SiblingsToo Day
was held 15 April 2024

Sibling sexual abuse (SSA) is thought to be the most common type of sexual abuse within a family. It is at least 3 times more prevalent than parent-to-child abuse and happens in communities everywhere. It knows no boundaries of race, gender, socioeconomic status, culture, or country. 


And its impact kills - family relationships, childhood innocence, hopes for the future - and sometimes the kids themselves, from substance abuse, homelessness, and even suicide.


Yet, society doesn't want to talk about it.


But we must. And following on from the success of the International #SiblingsToo Day in 2023, we are continuing to talk about it!


Monday, 15 April 2024

4:00 pm local Toronto, Ontario

1:00 pm Los Angeles, California

4:00 pm Santiago, Chile

9:00 pm London, UK

10:00 pm Paris, France

10:00 pm Budapest, Hungary

6:00 am Brisbane, Australia (16 April)

8:00 am Wellington, New Zealand (16 April)

The #SiblingsToo Day in 2023 was the first of its kind anywhere in the world and it was hugely successful, generating conversation and action across the globe.


This year's will be the same! You'll hear from professionals, academics, practitioners, and lived experience experts, all sharing their knowledge so you can understand what SSA is and is not and how it impacts your life, even if SSA has never happened to you or someone in your family.


Sibling sexual abuse is the hidden taboo - hidden in families and in society. And yet, it effects each one of us.

Join Nancy Morris (Canada), Gloria Masters (New Zealand) and Tanith McCulloch (United Kingdom) for an informative 45-minute live overview of the library of pre-recorded conversations being released on 15 April. You'll also get the link to all the content for your 24/7 access. Plus, you'll receive a comprehensive resources pack that dives deeper into important information, shares websites, and other tools parents need.


SIGN UP TODAY using the email block (above on computers, below on mobile). 

Webinar Speakers and Topics

Section 1 - What SSA is and is not, prevalence, and myths associated with survivors, perpetrators and families

Section 2 - Spectrum of behaviors

Section 3 - Pyramid of responsibility

Section 4 - Impacts of survivors, perpetrators, other siblings, the family, and society as a whole.

Section 5 - Future ways forward

Section 6 - Next steps you can take today

SSA can be confusing - its definition is grey and society often gets it confused with normal, healthy childhood sexual curiosity. SSA is also considered the "last taboo" of sexual abuse within the family as it is hard to think of children sexually harming other children, let alone their own sibling.

Unlike other forms of CSA, SSA has a "grey area" of definition. Sexual curiosity between siblings and near-aged relatives is healthy and normal. But many people do not understand the point at which that curiosity becomes problematic or abusive. A recent paper more clearly defines the boundaries and we will explore them in detail. 

SSA doesn't happen in a vacuum and it isn't the "responsibility" of just one person or one situation. Viewing sibling sexual abuse through the lens of a pyramid of responsibility opens up new ways of creating prevention and intervention.

Covering three different regions of the world (Australasia, UK/Europe, and the Americas), we will be discussing some of the ways SSA impacts not only those immediately involved but the wider community as a whole. We will also explore new and interesting avenues coming from academia and the global force of lived experience experts who are taking a leading role in driving change. 

Spanning several different webinars, learn what current obstacles and opportunities exist in terms of prevention and intervention. Dive deep into topics like the impact of pornography on young minds, the pros and cons of adding SSA to the sex education curriculum in schools, SSA as a public health issue rather than solely criminal justice, restorative practice, post-traumatic growth programs, and the role society plays in solving the problem of SSA.

All event registrants will receive a full info and resources pack, along with contact information for many of the speakers. Our hope is you will walk away from this learning opportunity feeling encouraged to continue your journey of understanding. SSA could be affecting as many as 1 in 5 families globally. But at a bigger level, sibling sexual abuse impacts our communities as a whole in ways society doesn't fully recognize. 

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